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A wonderful job was done on my Chevy! I?m real glad Mark happened to be in the neighborhood. I wasn?t around when the installer came but what made me happy was that I?noticed they cleaned up after them selves. I really liked Advantage Auto Glass, I even gave Mark?s business card to someone I knew that had a cracked windshield and needed a new one.

Harold Smithey

Yea the guy showed up at my door and told me my windshield was bad, he had me all set up with my insurance company in just a few minutes. My windshield was replaced a few days later!?Not a dollar outta my pocket! Great company!

Kenneth Czmeil

Super nice guys! What surprised me was that they were dressed very professional instead of like the ?bummy? looking guys you see down here, so that was nice. I?m extremely satisfied with?the work that was done, in fact I?ve had all three of my vehicles windshields replace through Advantage Auto Glass!

David Cooke

The sales man was very well mannered, he came up to me and introduced himself and told me how I could get a new windshield at the expense of my insurance. I could tell he knew his?job very well. The installer was good and quick. Yes I would say that I?m very satisfied with they work they did!

Michelle Perry

Both the sales guy and the installer were very friendly. It was raining outside and so none of us would get wet they arranged for us to use a garage during the installation, which was great, I really liked that. The installation was done in a timely manner with out incident. I would definitely recommend others to use Advantage Auto Glass.

Tony Washington

They were nice guys, they did a great job and very quickly. They made it look easy.

Chris Harley

The sales rep was very generous and informative. Explained the process and about the warranty on the windshield. He answered all my questions, made me feel very comfortable, and reassured about my decision. The installer was really nice and punctual, which I liked. He did his job in a timely manner. Yes, I would definitely recommend using Advanced Auto Glass if you want a free windshield and great service.

Tiffany McCummings

I had no problems at all with Dan or the installer, both were very nice men. I would recommend using Advanced Auto Glass to others.

Patricia Byrd

Chris was very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job. A very nice man. There was a small mix up during installation but was quickly resolved. I was very happy with how everything went, yes very pleased. My mother even decided to go through Advantage Auto glass for her windshield!

Rosa Campbell

The Sales Rep was very nice, I wish all Sales Reps were as nice. The installation went great; the installer only took about 35 minutes to install it and seemed very experienced. In fact, I had two more installed today. I would definitely recommend Advantage Auto Glass to my friends and family.

Robert Hanna

I actually wasn?t home when they came and installed it; they had it all done by the time I returned. It was nice that I could still go about my business. It?s always nice not having to sit?around waiting on a service to show up.

Vicky Nouesteros

He did a great job! He was a well-dressed young man, very informative as well. They did a professional job that I would recommend any one to use if you?re in need of a windshield.

Albert Fisher

It went well; Larry?s presentation was very good. Seemed like he knew what he was talking about. The installers were on time. I do recommend the use of Advantage Auto Glass for?replacing a window in your car.

Kem Nance

The sales rep was very polite, explaining to me about my windshield and even took time out to talk with my insurance company and helped me step by step. Which I thought was very nice. The installer did not take as long as I thought he would. I thought it would a have taken awhile?to do but he had it done very quickly. Advantage Auto Glass was very helpful and professional.

Amanda Kellum

The sales guy was a nice man, very accommodating and prompt. The installer was quick and made sure every thing was clean and made sure the molding was nice and tight. All in all they did a great job!

Mr. Owens

I had a few chips in my windshield and figured it wasn?t bad enough for my insurance to fix, but Nick told me on what was possible with the type of insurance I had. I?m very glad I met him, other wise I?d still be staring through a chipped up windshield. Right off the bat I knew these guys were honest by they way they carried them selves. The installer was very quick, I loved the job he did and the new windshield. They did an over all great job!

Rob Bennet

They were good, couple of nice guys. I had to work so the came up to the shop and put it in right there. I have no complaints. I would definitely use them again if I happened to need a new windshield in the future.

J. Powells

The sales rep approached me outside and politely told me about how he could help me with a replacement windshield. I was actually at work when they came and installed it, which was great! I?ve already told a few of the people at work about Advantage Auto glass and how simple?it was.

Kim James

They did an excellent job, did everything right with no problems. Kevin told me how the process works and was helpful. The installation did not take very long at all and there were no surprises. I recommend any one who needs a windshield replaced to go?through Advantage Auto Glass.

Josh Johnson

On a scale of 1-10, I?d give it a 10. They were very efficient and polite. I would recommend Advantage Auto Glass for a windshield.

Bill McVey

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